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Other Impressions we do:

8th New York Heavy Artillery (our Impression at Fort McHenry)


Reenacting Units:

Third Maryland US Infantry (sister unit)

7th PA Vol Infantry (sister unit)

5th NY US Infantry

8th Ohio US infantry

Sykes Regulars

National Regiment

Civil War reenactment HQ


1st Maryland “old line”  Revolutionary war



Sutlers: (retailers that sell period items)


General supplies, One stop shopping

C & D Jarnagin Company

Quartermaster Shop

S & S Sutler of Gettysburg - Quality CW clothing and supplies

Regimental Quartermaster – Nice mix of quality and lower cost products.

Provisional supply

Chris Daley Reproduction Uniforms

EJ Thomas

Chas Childs County Cloth  Quality uniforms, patterns, cloth

NJ Sekela  Quality uniforms, camp gear, civilian items

BrigadeSutler  Lower end (cheaper) uniforms, gear, tents, etc.  Carries most CW repro firearm brands

Fall Creek Sutlery

Stony Brook Company  Quality trousers

Wambaugh, White & Co  Quality uniforms



Dirty Billy's Hats - Quality reproduction hats

Clearwater Hats

Bender Hats



Zimmerman  defarbed guns and weapon repair

Loyalist arms  custom guns, etc

Lodgewood – Quality period weapons

Steen Cannons  For people with a “size” issue

Dixie Gun Works


Leather gear

J. Lammers & Company  Period leather gear

Dell’s Leatherwork – Quality leatherwork



RobertSzabo Period style photography

Beaver Buckets  Period barrels, buckets, washboards

Village Tinsmith  Quality cooking and camp items

Sullivan PressReproduction Books, Documents & Stationary

Bent’s – Period Hardtack by a original manufacturer

Scott Hams Nice slab bacon



Mickey Black Socks

                             Civil War Boots


                             Period Civilian items

Corner Clothier  Quality civilian clothing

Ezra Barnhouse  Quality household and accessory items




Event Sponsor Sites:

Wilson’s Wharf

Fort McHenry National Monument



Maryland Unit Historical info:

Maryland Archives History and rosters of Maryland Volunteers

Maryland in the Civil War

Maryland Regiments






Customs of Service  Duties of a non-commissioned Union reenactor

Gilham’s Manual  Early war drill manual

Animated Drill  Basic drill explained

Heavy artillery 1850 Drill manual

Bugle Calls  MP3s of the common calls

Bugle Calls midi format

Silas' Library  A good list of articles and period manuals



Authentic Canteen article

Lazy Jacks  A list of articles on period clothing, etc.


Civil War Railroad “Monitors” Armored trains in the American Civil War

Watchdog Civil War reenacting and preservation news

Camp Chase Gazette

Civil War Courier



General CW info:
US Army Heritage Center at Carlisle PA

National Civil War Museum  national museum in Harrisburg PA

Civil War Homepage - Good source of general history

Dakota State U ACW - good list of general CW links

Official Records of the War – Searchable E-book
NPS Soldiers And Sailor’s – Find info on an ancestor or CW unit

Union Regimental Index (Dyer’s) – Histories of the Union Regiments

Ironclad’s and Blockade runners  The Ships of the naval war

Home of the American Civil War Website  Large database of Civil War links


Other CW:

Civil war lesson plans  Teaching resources from the Civil War Preservation Trust 
Sons of Union Veterans (GAR)
Authentic Campaigner

Civil War Reenactors Web Forum

Baltimore Civil War Roundtable

Cheasapeake Civil War roundtable

Civil War Preservation Trust  Battlefield Preservation 



CW Games

Mad Minute Games – Producer of excellent 3d civil war simulation wargames

HPS Games – John Tiller’s Classic historical computer war games
      American Civil War gaming club

Historical Miniature Gaming Society, East

The Miniatures Page – CW gaming forum

MMP Great Campaigns of the American Civil War – Charlie Kibler’s games

Matrix Games – John Tiller’s (our Charlie Kibler’s) Battleground and AGEOD’s civil war among many other titles

Totem games – Civil War Ironclads





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