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Event Name


Contact person(s)

Member Registration


Member Cost

(spectator cost may vary)


Jan 30, 2016

Unit Meeting and Winter Drill

Unit meeting Sat evening Schedule voted upon, rule proposals, NCO election, etc.

$$ (unit dues)



Membership dues $20 for the year

Ft McHenry, Baltimore, MD

Feb 27 & 28

National Regiment

School of Instruction (NR)

Improve your impression under the tutorship of senior NR staff

NR event

Capt Tom Carlson


$35 plus hotel

Fire House, Gettysburg, PA

Mar 12

Spring Drill

Unit Drill and living history at historic Fort.  A part of the parade event. We will carpool to the parade.

Capt. Tom Carlson


Money for restaurant dinner & drinks Sat evening

Ft McHenry, Baltimore, MD

Mar 13

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

Show your Irish pride by marching thru town

Chip Smith



Mount Vernon, Baltimore, MD

April 1

April Fool’s day

Unit dues day (seems fitting)

$20 individual or family

May 14 & 15

National Regiment Camp of Instruction (NR)

Living history demonstrations on the battlefield at the PA monument



Meals in town,  Good weekend to go shopping for campaign season

Gettysburg, PA

May 30

Memorial Day

at Loudon Park

Memorial day service with the Park Service

Tim Ertel



Baltimore, MD

June 11 & 12

150th Fenian Raid (Elf Mess)

Irish Invasion of Canada in 1866 battle reenactment

E.J. Nash



Fort Erie, Ontario

June 25 & 26

Tattoo and school of Field Music

Living history demonstrations at The historic fort supporting our music program

Chip Smith



Ft McHenry, Baltimore, MD

July 22 to 24

155th First Bull Run (NR)

Large battle reenactment at the Cedar Creek Battlefield

Tom Carlson


Kitchen fee +

By May 31= $25

By July 8= $35

Walk on= $40

Middletown, VA

Aug 13 & 14

South Mountain Living History

Living history demonstrations on the battlefield




Burkittsville, MD

Sept 17 & 18

Ridley Creek Reenactment

battle reenactment

Chip Smith


Kitchen Fee +

By Aug 22= $5

Walk on= $8

Ridley Creek State Park, PA (near Philadelphia)

Oct 1,2

Fort Frederick

battle reenactment & Living History at Historic Fort




Fort Frederick, MD

Nov 19

Remembrance Day (NR)

Parade thru town to end the campaign season

NR max event



Dinner in Town

Gettysburg, PA

Dec. -







Jan 2017

Winter Drill/ meeting

To be announced




To be announced


3rd Maryland Company A Schedule   7th Pa Reserves Schedule


National Regiment Schedule







(NR) official National Regiment event

(ELF mess) not a voted on unit event, however members attending as a group.

$$ registration cost

(Kit)  Martha will bring full company kitchen

Event deadline is last day to register as a re-enactor at the lowest cost.  Please check the event website for additional deadlines. 

Please check back here for updates, additions and changes.



Please check back.  Dates, information and events are subject to change.


If you are hosting an event and would like the 1st MD to attend, please try to contact us by December for the year before the event (i.e. we are taking proposals for 2017 at this time).  



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