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text: "First Regiment MD Vol Inf US


Photo Sets



Page 1: 135th Antietam + Cedar Creek

Page 2: Grant vs Lee 1999

Page 3: 1st MD in Action

Page 4: Chancellorsville 2000

Page 5: Memorial Day Services

*Page 6: Unit Flags (historic + repro)*

Page 7: Great Falls 2001

Page 8: 140th Antietam 2002

Page 9: Remembrance Day 2002

Page 10: Harpers Ferry 2003

Page 11: 140th Gettysburg 2003

Page 12: Bentonville 2000

Page 13:  Harrison’s Landing/ Galesville/ Ft Frederick

Page 14:  Ft McHenry 1996/ 130th Gettysburg 1998

Page 15:  Gods & Generals movie shoot

Page 16:  Cedar Creek 2003

Page 17  Ridley Creek 2005:

Page 18  St Patrick’s Day 2006:






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