Transcript of letter in Pension Folder of Military Records of Samuel R. Frazier, Co H, First MD US Infantry, ancestor of Christopher Frasier, First Maryland Re-enactor

Letter received Headquarters, 1St Maryland Infantry                                                                                          

Related to Riot and arrest of Frazier, Company H, 1st Maryland Regiment                                                

March 2, 1863

Naval Battery, Maryland Heights                              

HQ Battalion, 14th Mass Heavy Artillery

March 2, 1863


I send you herewith under guard a man giving his name as Samuel R. Frazier, and as being a private in Company H of the Regiment, the 1st Maryland Volunteers. 

He is arrested on the representation and testimony of witnesses that he has been a participator and leader in a disgraceful and dangerous fight at Sandy Hook, which has prevailed there at (? ).

Since Saturday Evening-

He was arrested in a turbulent riotous crowd, with large rocks in his hands, talking loudly, threatening vengeance on Soldiers belonging to this Battalion, whom he repeatedly characterized as a “Massachusetts Sons of Bitches”.

That for more than two days and nights there has been a dangerous riot and fight among soldiers at Sandy Hook, that the soldiers engaged in it going from the camps on and about Maryland Heights, is ? positively proven ? to the respectable citizens and reliable soldiers.

That the prisoner was, or has been a participator in the fight, and was then engaged when arrested, in of ready and reliable proof, by men in my own command and by the testimony of others.

That the prisoner was in a crowd, as one of it, armed, with knives and stones.  The prisoner with stones only, as far as it is known.  Threatening vengeance on Massachusetts soldiers – characterizing them as “Massachusetts Sons of Bitches”, is equally (?) of proof – and that he was rejoined as a rioter, and for that reason was arrested.

That he, after being arrested, was noisy and turbulent, addressing the guard in obscene and vulgar epithets – calling them “Massachusetts Sons of Bitches”, and other names equally offensive, is sworn to by the officer, as well as the men of the guard. 

Finally, that the prisoner is guilty of conduct under the cover of his uniform, subversive of good order and military discipline in a high degree, can be, and is proven, beyond the shadow of doubt.

I beg, therefore, to commit him, the prisoner Samuel R. Frazier of Company H 1st Maryland Volunteers to your custody, with the brief statement in reference to his case – tendering you at the same time the offer of such testimony on information as is your opinion the exigencies of the case requires.  So  far as I, or my own men have knowledge of it, if it should be your pleasure to investigate the matter.

Regretting exceedingly, that I have to arrest and send under guard to his commander, a Maryland soldier, and assuring you, Colonel, that nothing but a sense of duty to the service and to order constrains me and that the duty is a painful one to perform.

I have your honor to be, Colonel                           

Very Respectfully ,                               

your obedient Servant

Horace Holt, Captain                  

Commanding , Naval Battery         

Maryland Heights and                    

Company H Mass 14th Heavy Artillery